You're considering a donation to your synagogue? You've celebrated a simcha at the shul and wish to express your thanks? Or (lehavdil), you're looking for a special way to commemorate a loved one?

The addition of siddur Nehalel to your synagogue's sanctuary will deepen the quality of prayer, will bring light to the synagogue experience, and will enhance the sense of the presence there of our Creator.

Your donation can be astonishingly affordable. For any single purchase of eighteen copies or more of the standard hardback edition of siddur Nehalel beShabbat or siddur Nehalel beChol (or any combination of them), earmarked for your synagogue, we're charging only $16.00 per copy! And if you buy thirty-six copies or more for your synagogue, we're charging even less -- just $15.00 per copy! That's more than 53% off the $31.95 list price -- yes, not even 47% of the price!!

And it can get much better: if your synagogue is eligible for tax-deductible donations, your purchase could actually cost you significantly less per copy! HOW THIS WORKS

But you're not yet sure siddur Nehalel is the right donation? Need first to test the waters? Fair enough. Therefore we're currently enabling potential donors to buy 2 copies of the standard hardback editions as a pre-donation gift to the synagogue at that same token price of $15.00 per copy. We do not expect any commitment on your part -- just your earnest consideration of a possible future donation.

We'll also gladly produce an elegant label with your dedication message, going inside the front cover of the siddur (at a small extra cost). To discuss this, or any questions you may have, please be sure to write to us, through our contact page, or by email to sales[at]nehalel.com.

Shipping will be added, from Cleveland, OH, by MediaMail for 2 sample copies, or by UPS for donations of 18 copies or more, to all destinations in USA; or from Jerusalem to all other destinations. Ships within 3 working days.

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