With Nehalel… we can rise together to a new level of direct conversation with our Creator.

Rabbi Daniel Landes, Director, Pardes Institute, Jerusalem

...an unprecedented work that greatly benefits anyone attempting seriously to pray.

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo, founder-director of the David Cardozo Academy, Jerusalem

The Nehalel beShabbat siddur prepared by Michael Haruni is in a class all by itself. It is so beautiful, so sensitive, so religiously inspired—it brings us to a new level of prayer experience.

Rabbi Marc D. Angel, founder-director, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals,

One cannot fathom the effect of this siddur until one actually prays with it… Sharply focusing the reader’s thoughts on the intent of the words… it engenders a sense of reveling in God’s world and our place in it

Dr. Rachel Levmore, JOFA Journal

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