Preliminaries viii

Introduction by Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo xiii

Shacharit (Morning Service) for Weekdays 2

Awakening 2

Putting on Talit 10

Putting on Tefilin 12

Preparing for Prayer 18

Blessings for Beginning the Day 20

Ha'akedah & Commitment 28

Account of the Sacrifices 36

Rabbi Yishma'el's Berayta 52

Kaddish Derabanan (Rabbis' Kaddish) 54

Mizmor shir chanukat habayit 56

Kaddish Yatom (Mourner's Kaddish) 58

Pesukei Dezimrah (Musical Verses) 60

Shema and Accompanying Blessings 103

Shema Yisrael 112

Amidah (Prayer Recited Standing) for Shacharit 122

Tachanun (Plea for Forgiveness) 142

Nefilat Apayim (Lowering Face) 160

Bringing Out the Sefer Torah 168

Aliyah to the Torah 176

Entreaties and Prayers for Welfare 178

For the Unwell 178

For Mother & Newborn 180

For Bar or Bat Mitzvah 182

Returning the Sefer Torah 186

Towards Concluding Shacharit 190

Ashrey 190

Lamenatze'ach 194

Kedushah Desidra (Uva leTziyon Go'el) 196

Kaddish Shalem (Complete Kaddish) 202

Aleynu leshabe'ach 204

Kaddish Yatom (Mourner's Kaddish) 208

Poem of the Day 210

Barechi Nafshi (For Rosh Chodesh) 222

Eyn KEloheynu 228

Kaddish Derabanan (Rabbis' Kaddish) 234

LeDavid (For Ellul through Hoshana Rabba) 236

Psalm for a House of Mourning 240

Abbreviated Variation on Amidah (Havinenu) 244

Readings After Prayer 248

Six Remembrances 248

Maimonides' Thirteen Principles 250

The Ten Commandments 252

Blessings and Miscellaneous Petitions 254

Prayer on a Journey 254

Terumah (Contribution) and Ma'aser (Tenth) 258

Separating Challah 260

Before a Meal (Netilat Yadayim & HoMotzi) 262

Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) 264

Zimun at Sheva Berachot (Seven Nuptial Blessings) 296

Sheva Berachot at a Feast 298

Before Foods Not Constituting a Meal 300

After Foods Not Constituting a Meal 306

Me'eyn Shalosh (Quasi Grace) 306

Boreh Nefashot 310

Upon Pleasures 312

Upon Visible Phenomena 316

Upon Matters Heard 324

Upon Performing Mitzvot 326

Cycle of Life 328

Circumcision Cereony 328

Grace After Feast at a Circumcision 336

Redemption of First Born Son (Pidyon Haben) 342

Zeved Habat (Celebrating a Newborn Girl) 346

Grace After Feast at Zeved Habat 354

Petition by Bar and Bat Mitzvah 356

Marriage Ceremony 358

Betrothal 358

Sheva Berachot 360

Eighth Blessing 362

Memorial Prayer in a House of Mourning 366

Grace After Meals During Shiv'ah 370

Minchah (Afternoon Service) for Weekdays 374

Amidah (Prayer Recited Standing) for Minchah 376

Tachanun (Plea for Forgiveness) 400

Kaddish Shalem (Complete Kaddish) 404

Aleynu leshabe'ach 406

Kaddish Yatom (Mourner's Kaddish) 408

Ma'ariv (Evening Service) for Weekdays 410

Shema and Accompanying Blessings 410

Shema Yisrael 414

Amidah (Prayer Recited Standing) for Ma'ariv 426

Kaddish Shalem (Complete Kaddish) 440

Aleynu leshabe'ach 442

Kaddish Yatom (Mourner's Kaddish) 446

LeDavid (For Ellul through Hoshana Rabba) 448

Counting the Omer 450

Halel 470

Additional Service for Rosh Chodesh 490

Chanukah Candle Lighting 504

Megilah Reading on Purim 510

Holocaust and Valiant Resistance Memorial Day 516

Fallen Soldiers of the IDF Memorial Day 520

Israel Independence Day 528

Evening Service for Independence Day 528

Morning Service for Independence Day 548

Haftarah for Independence Day 562

Jerusalem Day 568

Chol Hamo'ed of Sukkot 570

Ushpizin 572

Blessing on Raising a Lulav 574

Musaph for Chol Hamo'ed of Sukkot and Pesach 576

Hoshanot for Sukkot 596

Torah Readings for Weekdays 603

For Mondays and Thursdays 604

For Rosh Chodesh (Commencement of the Month) 637

For Public Fast Days 637

For Tisha be'Av (9th of Av) 639

For Chanukah 641

For Purim 647

For Chol Hamo'ed of Pesach 648

For Chol Hamo'ed of Sukkot 654

Psalms Appearing in Nehalel beChol 657

Shirim Shel Yom (Poems of the Day) According to Hagr"a 658

Photographs & Credits 666

TRANSLITERATION: Kaddish Derabanan (Rabbis’ Kaddish) 672

TRANSLITERATION: Kaddish Yatom (Mourner’s Kaddish) 673


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